"We have a ridiculous number of digital data sources - something like
9 in total.

Determining what data is really powerful, & what the key insights are is easily the biggest challenge I face."

Jon Taylor
Head of e-Commerce

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Digital Analytics - online and offline data analysis from Experian

Web Analytics is often seen as “a measurement of website & online marketing campaign performance using web monitoring software.” At Experian we go much further than this, applying our extensive modelling experience and data assets to create insights which are of value to our clients. This we call, Digital Analytics.

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How can website and offline data analysis help you?

Our Consultant Analysts work with you to:

  • Drive increased ROI from online marketing activity
  • Understand your multiple datasets and leverage them to make better business decisions
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved customer journeys, communication and marketing

Online and offline data analysis: how do we do it?

Working with your internal teams, agencies and web tracking vendors we will analyse your web and offline data, enrich with powerful proprietary Experian data and then work with you to:

  • Capture and understand your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Drawing on our extensive experience of website and online marketing campaigns analysis, we will work with your business to define your Key Performance Indicators and if necessary implement the tracking of them and create reporting to: trend, compare, benchmark and understand them.
  • Analyse your data to unlock powerful insights for your business
    Using advanced modelling techniques, we analyse what factors impact KPIs including competitor traffic and marketing to understand performance and where to focus optimisation efforts.
  • Leverage these insights into digital marketing strategies & campaigns
    We implement campaign manager and integrated data sources. Then drive powerful insights from this single view of customer behaviour and characteristics then work with you to action these in your campaigns.
  • Attribute sales & revenues more accurately to enable better optimisation
    We look beyond the last channel used to navigate to your site before the transaction (“last click” attribution); we build attribution models and test different budget allocations across channels, to build your brand, grow customer acquisition, and/or boost immediate revenue.  Furthermore, using Experian data, we understand which types of customers come from different online locations and demonstrate where to up-weight advertising locations that have high-value customers to increase lifetime value.
  • Optimise targeting across all channels and the full customer journey
    We support you in planning communications via email, social media or mobile by enriching existing data with Experian data assets, developing understanding, and creating market segments to understand your customers and how to market to them. We can deploy tests and targeted advertising through your own systems or using Experian products.

Why use Experian for online and offline data analysis?

  • Digital analytics is about doing clever stuff with data to increase ROI.  That’s what Experian is famous for and trusted for.
  • Sales don’t just happen online, and consumers don’t just consume digital media. Our unparalleled data sources enable us to link digital and offline data in a way that no one else can.
  • Unlike other providers we aren’t concerned by what technologies you’re using.  For us, it’s all about the data.

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